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Ethiopian wins the Best Airline in Africa

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Morning!If you happen to travel by air, you’ve probably seen such signs in a red and black colours on some airports when you’re walking towards boarding an airplane or when its about to take of or after landing, but have you ever wondered what does those signs at the airport’s manoeuvring area mean?

Well for this particural one at our Kigali International airport(KGL orHRYR):
1.Numbers 28-10 indicate the magnetic orientation of our runway(piste d’atterissage).Runways are usually named by a number between 01 and 36, which is generally the magnetic azimuth of the runway’s heading, which means that our airport (KGL) is oriented from 100 degrees south west to 280 degrees north east(note that the last digits are not considered) so it becomes 10-28(meaning that 280 is the opposite nbr of 100 on the compas)

2.Letter B yellow means that that if you see it near you you are on the taxiway named Bravo

3.Cat I: This is one of the airport categories
For Cat I:
– A pilot can not descend below 61m(200ft) before he visually sees the airport he wants to land to(this altitute is called a Decision Height)
– The visibility of the runway not less that 550m

Bellow these minimums the airport may shift to Category II.

More signs are coming in our next posts…..

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